How to make creamy soups without a blender.

How to Make Creamy Soups Without a Blender

For a long time, we lived without a blender. That doesn’t mean we lived without creamy soups! Here’s how to get a delicious, thick, and creamy soup without using a blender.

How to make creamy soups without a blender.

For a long time, we lived without a blender. That doesn’t mean we lived without creamy soups! Here’s how to get a delicious, thick, and creamy soup without using a blender.

To be fair, unless you use an actual electric blender, you’re going to be putting in a lot of work to get a creamy ultra-smooth puréed soup. It can happen though if you’re really determined!

First there’s the obvious answer…

Consider buying an immersion blender. This is the most common response you’ll hear. Seriously, I dare you to ask on any social network—at least half of the responses will tell you to buy an immersion (or stick blender) to make a creamy soup. Honestly, I think it’s cheating the question. An immersion blender IS a blender after all.

Sure, they’re small and easy to store. The good ones come apart in several smaller pieces and don’t take up more than 1/4 to a 1/3 of a small drawer. It’s a handy little device. They’re easy to wash and they even help you avoid additional dishes by blending right in the pot or bowl you’re already using. But it’s still a blender and that wasn’t the question.

You want to know how to make a delicious, thick, and creamy soup without a blender!

Make creamy soups by using a potato masher!

Creamy soups existed before machinery. Just cook your vegetables until they are soft and use a potato masher to squish them down into a pulp. You could also use a ricer to get the same result. This is a great low-calorie way to get extra creaminess in your potato soups and clam chowders without adding extra cream or flour. Potato mashers are awesome because it gives you fine control over how smooth or chunky your food is.

If you’re looking for another no-power option that results in smoother purées, you can always get yourself an old-fashioned food mill. This device basically fits over a pot or a bowl, you ladle your soup into the top and turn the handle. It’s that easy. The screw pushes that food through a mesh strainer and puréed creamy soup comes out of the bottom.

It’s a little old-school, but if you’re living tiny on a homestead, that might fit right into your kitchen. As an everyday tool though, unless you’re making a lot of pureed soups, this one is a bit of a unitasker for me.

There you have it—how to make a creamy soup without a blender!

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