1. 5 stars
    This is spiced right. I don't even use taco sauce just eat it the way it is. Great and easy to make recipe
  2. 1 star
    There is a problem with this recipe. The whole batch of spices is clearly TOO MUCH, it ruined my tacos! I had to rince my TVP to be able to eat them...
    • Thank you for taking the time share your experience with this recipe. Heavy spices like the ones used here can easily become overpowering for people with a sensitive palate. You can adjust the quantity of spices by preparing the seasoning mix in a small bowl and then add according to your preference. Start slow with only a 1/2 of a batch. Right before you add your TVP to the spiced water, dip a spoon in it and give it a taste. With TVP, what you taste in the liquid is what you get when rehydrated. Add more seasoning until you reach your desired strength then stir in your TVP. You can also substitute my taco seasoning recipe for another or even a package of mix from the grocery store. 1 cup of TVP equates to 1 lb of meat, so use a quantity that will season 1 lb of meat. I really appreciate your feedback and hope this helps. Have a fantastic day!