1. Sounds good! I would definitely use green apples too - I love the tart taste! This seems like a great, easy side!
    • Yes, between the green apples and the lemon juice, there is a perfect level of tartness cuts the creaminess of the dressing and balances again the sweetness of the raisins. Red apples do work fine, but those green ones really kick it up a notch.
  2. This sounds delicious!!! I would totally make this, minus the raisins :)
    • Thanks Krissie! If you're not into raisins, but still want that extra fruity flavor, you can always add in a few fresh grapes (seedless is best). Just slice them in half and aim for about a 1/2 cup.
  3. Dang this looks good! I get so tired of just romaine lettuce and some dressing and forget there are so many different types of healthy salad!
    • Thanks Rachel! Don't forget, even with a standard salad you can always take it up a few notches by adding unique items like different fruit, cheeses, or nuts.
  4. Looks saucy and delicious!
    • Thanks! It's absolutely one of our favorite cold salad snacks in this house (especially when it's hot—like today!)