1. These looks so simple yet delicious! Have saved the recipe to try later :)
  2. Awesome video! I've picked my favorite to try: Hazelnut with Chocolate! Thanks for a great new cookie recipe.
    • Thanks! I'm so glad to have been give you a new cookie recipe to try. Mmmm. Hazelnut and chocolate. Let me know how they come out!
  3. Those look yummy! I like to have these type of cookies around Christmas time.
    • Thanks! These are also one of my go-to Christmas cookies, but I believe that we are entitled to celebrate Christmas any time we want. =)
  4. These throw me back to growing up. My grandma used to make them all of the time!
    • My husband's grandma made them all the time too! What flavors did your grandmother like to make?
  5. This sounds delicious! I'm going to have to try it
    • Cool! Let me know how it comes out for you. I made a second batch after shooting the video and tried it with chopped peanuts and a salted caramel chocolate as the center. It was delicious.